Notes internes produites par le groupe H1 du CPPM

Pile-up energy detection using LAR timing : H1-01/95-423
LAr electromagnetic and hadronic energy scale studies : H1-12/95-466, H1-04/99-571
Upgrade of the H1 forward proton spectrometer : H1-12/95-467
Cosmic and halo muons finders: H1-11/96-498, H1-11/98-556
Upgrade of the calorimeters Data Acquisition: H1-11/01-595, H1-06/02-598, H1-07/02-599, H1-07/02-600.
An Energy Flow Algorithm for Hadronic Reconstruction In OO: Hadroo2 H1-01/05-616.

D. Hoffmann (14/2/2023)